The nrv's first pooper scooper service!


You've Worked Hard All Week......

You're working 40+ hours a week, kids pulling you each direction, running errands, dinner to prepare, laundry piled up, and a mountain of dishes to one wants to think about cleaning up after the dog(s).  

Your Time is Valuable

In today's world, it's hard to find time for everything. Time is one of our most valued commodities; it's also limited. Instead of spending your precious time cleaning up the dog waste, call K9 Crew Pet Waste Management. Serving Christiansburg, Blacksburg, Radford, and the surrounding areas. 

Allow Us to Clean Up!

Don't waste your valuable time. Let us do the dirty work---it's our job! Cleaning up after your dog is an important part of being a pet owner. It is vital to the environment and the health of your family and your pet. Don't hesitate, call our pooper scooper service today! 540-994-POO2 (7662)

Proudly Scooping the NRV! Dublin, Pulaski, Radford, Christiansburg, and Blacksburg


We are proud members of the Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists.

Our business is licensed and insured!